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NEW REGISTRATION ALERT!!!  Hey all: As of today, June 10, 2011, you'll need to register using the form to the right even if you've registered in the past. Once you hit "submit," you'll get an email with your new username and password. This will get you into all the free stuff. You'll only need to do this once. Sorry for the hassle.


All the content is still available. You can still learn fiddle here, at your own pace, using the fiddlehub lesson video series.  Designed for beginner and intermediate adult players, these on-line violin/fiddle lessons provide a solid foundation. 

Got your fiddle handy? Try a sample bowing lesson right here, right now. Just click the lower left start button on the player below.

New Products: Now you can buy individual Video Tune Lessons for download (choose 1 or more from a list of 16).   The arrangements are for beginner or intermediate level fiddlers.

Plus, if you want just audio, there's a collection of all 16 Tune Lessons in audio-only format, also for download.

New Fiddle Lesson Videos: I've added tons of new, but still free, fiddle lesson videos that have been months in the making. All are targeted for the beginner and intermediate skill level. 

These video lessons have all the info you'll need to develop solid bowing and fingering technique.  You'll want to check out these new fiddle lessons even if you're a veteran of the old site.  They're much more in-depth than the lessons offered there.

This new version of incorporates many of the great suggestions that I've received from fiddlehub users over the past 3 years; so I hope you'll continue to let me know what you think about the site and how the lessons are working for you.  Email me any time.  Enjoy the site.


Jim Burke